How Fiber optic broadband 'leads to ISP cost savings'

Recent research shows that a switch to fiber optic services can lead to substantial savings for broadband suppliers and consequently consumers too. As technology progresses and more internet options become available people are constantly on the lookout for ways they can make savings whilst not compromising the quality of their connectivity. It seems that fiber optic broadband provides the best solution to this issue.

What is fiber optic broadband?

Before delving further into how fiber optic broadband can lead to cost savings it is first important to establish what this is. Essentially it is really quite simple. Fiber optic broadband transports connection via using copper fiber optic cables. This is in comparison to the other popular methods of utilizing a telephone modem or alternatively a dialup connection. If you compare these against one and other you will be able to see the significant differences, with fiber optic widely deemed to be a lot faster.

Research says fiber optic broadband offers significant savings

Business Reason

Golix: Hello there. I have an announcement to make. We are excited to launch our coffee shop where you can listen to music. The new business is ready to rock and roll.

After a year.

Golix: We have an announcement to make. We are shutting down the music service in our coffee shop. Now you can just drink coffee. No music.

Journa: Golix, why are you shutting down the music business?

Golix: For business reasons.

Journa: We thought you were a cool kid. Your explanation is so uncool.

How To Setup php-fpm And Nginx On CentOS 6

FPM, FastCGI Process Manager is a PHP FastCGI implementation. Using php-fpm you can have a website running as its own user instead of a common user like Apache or www-data. In this post, we will go through the process of installing and configuring php-fpm with Nginx on CentOS 6.

php-fpm package is available in the official CentOS repository. There is no need to enable third party repositories in order to use php-fpm.

nginx package is available in Fedora EPEL repository.

Enable Fedora EPEL.

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How To Setup MySQL Replication

In this tutorial, I will provide step by step process to setup MySQL replication. We will create one master and one slave. We will use two CentOS 6 servers - one for master and the other for slave. This following steps have been tested on two virtual machines.

Our master server will have IP address
Our slave server will have IP address

You might want to run SELinux in permissive mode.

Perform these steps on the master:

Install MySQL server.

yum install mysql-server -y

Why Unspectacular Firefox OS Is Good For Low-End Phones

Mozilla Firefox has finally launched its own browser-based mobile system, which seems like a credible option for companies emerging with their phones and intending to keep them low-end. For a much savvy audience however, the system is not exactly what they are looking for especially when iOS and Android are still leading the mobile technology market. However, in markets where phones with great features still take up a major market share, Mozilla Firefox combined together with a Blackberry SIM can become successful with its technology. With the promise to improve their system with time to match their rivals, Firefox is all set to attract investors and partners to support it in its venture.

Why Is It Good?

The system is almost similar to that of Android and iOS which makes its use quite simple, especially for those who have some experience of using a smartphone. The familiar app structure presented in a grid form, swiping from left to right presenting different apps is just the same as in iOS. A calling and messaging app, camera and Firefox browser is a permanent fixture at the lower end of the screen. A search app is also available which is quite different from that of the other OS due to the fact that it is a browser-based system. Searching on this app can not only provide results from within your phone but also from the Firefox Marketplace and the Web.

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Where We Can And Where We Must

  1. Python where we can, C++ where we must.
  2. CLI where we can, web where we must.
  3. Use available software where we can, write our own where we must.
  4. Open source software where we can, proprietary software where we must.
  5. Upstream where we can, patch where we must.
  6. Bash where we can, others where we must.
  7. Nginx where we can, Apache where we must.
  8. JSON where we can, XML where we must
  9. POST where we can, GET where we must
  10. REST where we can, RPC where we must

How To Install RapidSSL SSL Certificate - Nginx Server

In this article, I will describe how to use the SSL certificate provided by RapidSSL with Nginx server.

openssl is a command line tool to use various cryptography functions.

The req command of openssl provides PKCS#10 X.509 Certificate Signing Request (CSR) management facilities.

We will generate a new certificate request for the domain .

openssl req -new -nodes -keyout -out
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How To Comment Several Lines Quickly Using VIM

If you have to insert comment on several lines do you do manually insert the comment character in every line? Stop. Vim is a really good editor and has a nice feature to accomplish this quickly. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter visual blocking mode by pressing CTRL V (CTRL key and the lowercase v).
  2. Make your selection using motion keys(jklm, etc).
  3. Press I(uppercase I) to enter block insert mode.
  4. Press #, the comment character.
  5. Press Esc key. The comment character # will be inserted on each line the visual block selection.
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