Changes In Bizsense

Bizsense is an open source CRM project which uses Zend Framework. The open source project was started by Binary Vibes about three years ago and was released under the GPL V3 license. Some of you might have noticed that I am no longer active in Binary Vibes.

I wanted Bizsense project development to continue to nourish, flourish and cherish. Therefore, there we did a few changes. Bizsense is now released under the new BSD license. Bizsense uses Google open source project hosting which offers issue tracker, Wiki and source control. Bizsense now uses Mercurial for source control. The documentation is published at In order to contribute to Bizsense, signing a CLA is no longer required.

Here are the project links:

Welcome To Tech Chorus

Welcome to Tech Chorus. In the coming days you will hear the software technology chorus chimed. The site will initially serve as community platform where we publish articles primarily about free and open source software technology. We would also love to publish information about specific FLOSS projects, web development and occasionally random topics. Sometimes code, sometimes a how to article. All content from LAMPComputing will be imported to this site soon.

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