Connecting USB Cable To The Brain

Anand and Golix are chit chatting in a bar.

Anand: Golix, I have a doubt about USB cables.
Golix: What is it?
Anand: I've been thinking about it for a while. What happens if you connect the USB cable to your brain?
Golix: You'll hear the message: "this disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?".

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Which News Feed Have You Subscribed To?

Golix walks into a college campus. Asks few questions to the students.

Golix: What does POP stand for?
Sharath: POP? No idea. Sounds like a distant cousin of Jazz to me.

Golix: What does IMAP stand for?
Shruthi: International mail application something.

Golix: Who created UNIX and C?
Parameshwar: It is beyond me.

Golix: What is Ubuntu?
Parvati: It's a bird!

Golix: Which is the most popular social networking site?
Asha: Facebook.

Golix: Which technique is often used to download movies and music freely from the Internet?
Santhosh: Torrents.

Golix: Which operating system do you use?
Kavitha: ******

The uninitiated readers must watch the video.

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Website Content

Jane: Golix, we have to put up some impressive content on our website. Any ideas?
Golix: Sure. On the front page, mention that we're innovating in the field of cloud computing.
Jane: Good point.
Golix: Also, mention that we're creating social media products. Put up some badges.
Golix: On the technology page, be sure to mention noSQL and node.js.
Jane: That would be cool. Thanks.
Golix: Remember, we have to update our website in one year.

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Year 2002

John: Hey Golix. What's up buddy? You seem to be unhappy.
Golix: I got the pink slip today. I'm looking for a job.
John: Sorry to hear that. I'll see if I can get you a lead.
Golix: Thanks.

Year 2011

John: Hey Golix. What's up buddy? I don't see you online these days.
Golix: Yup.
John: I heard you're not working for Crux Consulting anymore.
Golix: Yeah. I've founded a stealth startup.
John: Congrats. A friend of mine was looking to hire a Java programmer. I suggested you. Anyway, I will tell him you're not available for hire. All the best.
Golix: Hey. You know what. Just tell your friend, I'm open.

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