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Mercurial - How To View A File Exactly Like It Appeared On A Particular Date

Here's a quick tip for Mercurial users.

Travel back in time and see how the file appeared. :)

hg cat --rev "date('2011-05-03')" controllers/

Let's break it down.

hg cat is the command we use to print the given revision of file.

hg cat --rev 10885:ae28ee103fed controller/

would print the file for the revision 0885:ae28ee103fed.

Mercurial supports a functional language for selecting a set of revisions. To know more about it try:

hg help revsets

In our solution:

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Attaching External SVN Repositories - svn:externals

The scenario:

  • You are using subversion as the version control software for your project
  • Your project depends on other projects, perhaps third party libraries
  • The other projects also use subversion as the version control software for their project
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Writing A PHP Script To Send SVN Commit Changeset Email Notification

If you are a

  • PHP programmer looking to write a script to send changelog email notification when a commit is made to the SVN server
  • SVN server admin looking for a script to send changelog email notification when a commit is made

you have come to the right place.

For the impatient, the script is posted at the end of the article.

Before we delve into writing the script, let us summarize the environment.

  • We have our SVN project at the path /var/svn/myproject/
  • The project name is myproject

Exploring svnlook

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Instant SVN Setup

So, you want to set up an SVN server instantly?

If you are reading this post you already know what is SVN. If you don' I recommend you to read and

There is also a free and excellent book on subversion at

In this article we will quickly set up an SVN server and also demonstrate how to use it.

First and foremost, make sure you have subversion installed on your server and client.

yum install subversion
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Tip Of The Day: Avoid Forgetting Adding Files To SVN Repository

If you are using subversion (SVN) for your source code management you may have come across this situation.

  1. You add some files to your working copy
  2. You use the command 'svn add ' to add files to the be versioned
  3. You commit using the command 'svn commit -m "message"'
  4. When other users of your project update their working copy they find some files missing

You forgot to add certain files to the repository. It happens every now and then.

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