How To Set SVN_EDITOR Environment Variable To Vim

Problem: You are trying to use the command svn propedit svn:externals and you are receiving the error:

svn: None of the environment variables SVN_EDITOR, VISUAL or EDITOR are set, and no 'editor-cmd' run-time configuration option was found

Solution: Set vim as your SVN_EDITOR


export SVN_EDITOR=vim

To permanently set this environment variable put the below line in your ~/.bash_profile file.

export SVN_EDITOR=vim

Did it solve your problem?

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Thanks a lot coz I badly needed to fix it.

I am still facing an error message on my VDU.

Would you mind telling us the error you are receiving?


You're welcome.

emartini said in his comment:
"It worked perfect, thanks!"

Tanks for the tip, but doesn't work to me.

I'm Debian user and to solve this I just change the export SVN_EDITOR=vim from ~/.bash_profile to ~/.bashrc

Worked for me; using Fedora 12. Thanks; wasn't aware of needing to use EXPORT -- this also solved my provlem of string to run 'set PS1' from bash_profile :)

Thanks it works on ubuntu. Y does it ask us to set it?

Because SVN needs to know which editor to open

Thanks for letting me know.I was looking for the solution.Finally I got it.

Keep it up

Works fine, thx

Thanks my friend

works ok thanks!

I'm wondering though how this happened, I reinstalled OSX and all of a sudden it's been throwing this message - I think something got stuffed up when restoring from time machine

Good post. I’m been looking for topics as interesting as this.
Very informative and information presented very well,
i really liked reading your blog,I really tried the pearl to set the svn_environment variables to Vim and was working too.
thanks for sharing this information.

to set SVN_EDITOR Environment we have to implement in the java. i thought that it may implement in the java because it have in built dictionary is available. it definately works in the java.


There's another way (a better way imho).

just check your /usr/bin/editor : it's a symlink to /etc/alternatives/editor
then check /etc/alternatives/editor : it's a symlink to /bin/nano (on my debian)
so just replace the symlink like this (you must be root):

ln -sf /usr/bin/vim /etc/alternatives/editor

the side effect is that all appli using /usr/bin/editor will now launch vim :)

It worked!

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