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Ansible Role To Install And Configure Logstash OSS

written by Sudheer Satyanarayana on 2020-06-13

I have released the Ansible role to install Logstash OSS. The source is available on Github.

Using the role, install and configure Logstash OSS.

You might be thinking why another Ansoble role? Here are the reasons, I wrote this role:

Example playbook

- hosts: servers
    logstash_oss_install_java_11: true
    logstash_beats_input: true
    logstash_elasticsearch_output: true
    - role: bngsudheer.logstash-oss

The role can optionally install Java 11 which is a dependency for Logstash. You can skip this and satisfy the dependencies by other means. Notice that in the example, the optional Beats input and Elasticsearch output is enabled.

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