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Installing Specific Version Of Ruby On CentOS

written by Sudheer S on 2019-01-08

How do you install a specific version of Ruby on CentOS 7?

The answer: via SCL.

The Ansible role bngsudheer.ruby makes it even more easier.

Create the file ruby_playbook.yml and insert the following contents:

- hosts: my_ruby_servers
    ruby_version: 2.3
     - bngsudheer.ruby

Once done, run the Ansible playbook:

ansible-playbook ruby_playbook.yml

What if I want to install Ruby 2.4 on CentOS?

Just set ruby_version to 2.4. Similarly, if you want to install Ruby 2.5, set ruby_version to 2.5.

It is also possible to enable particular version of Ruby on a per-user basis. For example, to enable Ruby 2.5 for the user myproject user, set ruby_enable_users to ['myproject'].

Tags: ansible centos ruby